About us!


Turtlez Shop  was created in the frustration over trying to find a cool T-shirt with an important theme.

Our design are made by women's that want inspire people to live a sustainable and kindful lifestyle. What we wear, what we eat, how we treat the planet, animals, ourselves and each other, all this is very important for us.

Our ambition is to offer an amazing variety of designs with excellent quality. The printed T-shirt is a fantastic medium for people to express what they like, who they are, and what they identify with. No other garment can be changed and manipulated so easily. At Turtlez, we believe that the T-shirt is the perfect garment. It’s comfy, versatile and a strong expression of the individual’s taste – that’s why we love T-shirts!

Our purpose exists in order to assist you in having the difficult, yet necessary, conversations that we must be having in order to continue developing a more feminist future and society.

Turtlez Team. 🌈